You have an awesome web project ?

Why you need developer skills ?

Today, there are many services which allow everyone to achieve a presentation website, e-commerce store, periodic publication or even a collaborative workflow without any technical knowledge.

Some more elaborated tools let to those who have a few more technical familiarity, to easily setup boilerplate web software which is more open and customisable.

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But if you need something more precise, specific, original and authentic, if your project will scale, if you need to collect diverse and varied data, in relation to each other, and you'll want to exploit this data reliably and flexibly within an ergonomic interface, in brief, if you need a high-level of customization...
Here, you have to request the skills of a real developer who will propose you to design and produce your project, brick by brick, and who will thus be able to master for you all its facets, modify and perfect it according to your imagination.

From your imagination to the web network

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With its coder's super-power, a true developer can practice all this magic which bring a project from your imagination to the web network. A professional don't just make illusions with some prestidigitation tricks, like dirty patching which break scalability and performance, but real coding following good practices that keep a program performant and open to evolve. Getting an application of quality it's not just about coding, it's about right coding, and that's we do.

What distinguishes us

We build applications relying on proven development programs (also called framework), but we are also able to directly work with programmation languages without any preestablished structure.

At Surikat PRO, we have at heart to build great added value features. Innovating does not scare us and if you feel have the soul of a visionary we're made to work together.
Moreover, we are ourselves visionaries and we have build our own framework which can help any web developer to boost his workflow.

Philosophy and values


At Surikat PRO we the well done work and we bring a particular attention to our customers. For us, professional conscience isn't just an expression, it's a real engagement. We design quality applications with transparency. With us, you have control on technology, not the opposite.

We believe that with ethical programmation come better quality. So, our developments are only based on open-source technology. We trust in open-source community to support all the great possibilities of the Internet as it already do since many years.

Code is yours

Unlike many other development companies, we dont't keep the source code we built to you as our intellectual property. This code is your property and you can do anything with it, even ask others to work on it.
We don't try to force fidelity of our customers, and if you prefer continue to working on a project with someone you are more comfortable with, it's all your choice and we have no hard feelings about that.



meerkat community

The code we built specifically for you will remain at your discretion, but if when we design code for you, some features in this code can serve a universal purpose, they will be shared with the world community of open-source web developer. So, by working with us, you support the general interest of open-source internet technologies.

Open Source

Open source as a development method promotes a universal access via a free license to a software, and universal redistribution of it's source code design, allowing improvements to it by anyone and transparency. The promise of open source is better quality, higher reliability, more flexibility and lower cost. With open-source software there is no more predatory vendor lock-in and privacy violation by some malicious and hidden programs.
Using open-source softwares, you can advance with trust and serenity. Free Software Foundation Open Source Initiative


Mutual agreement

The outset of a software engagement begin with the mutual agreement on the features, the cost and an approximation of time. We know by experiment that we can rarely achieve the ideal features for the ideal cost and in the ideal time. Let us know your priorities order.

All is possible (or almost)

For help us to make relevant overview of your project, we need to get maximum information. In first we have to design the main data schema according to the description you will make of your project. After, come the sitemap, then the ergonomic solutions and finally the visual design. Have this in mind can help you to improve the quality of your project visualisation and to bring us a clearer description of your expectations.

In development, we are free to imagine wathever we want, but most is increasing complexities, most the cost and time will increase too. We need to know what are yours priorities, and an approximative range of the amount of money you want to invest in the whole project or/and in each feature.

About evolving

Often, clients think they know what they want at the outset of a project. In practice, we know by experiment that a project rarely end with the same features it started with. Once you try concretely a feature, you might find that it's not as intuitive as you expected, or behave like you wanted. You can also find a better way to accomplish your goal, maybe, just by thinking of it or seeing it in an other web service you use.

baby meerkat

The first estimate is done for a first draft of the project which will be very different than when it will be really mature. It can be discouraging to hear this, but this should be just the opposite. The estimate process is a stage where you'll start to gather a range of perspectives on how your project can evolve.
Satisfying software project is based on constant improvement, relying on what came before and finding new opportunities for the following.

It's all about what you really want

Bring a project to completion require a high degree of engagement from you. We are here for help you to realize it technically, but it's remaining your project and it belongs to you to make it really awesome.

Contact us

Feel free to contact us directly by , we'll can talk about your project and start to make a free rough estimate.


We work for you

If you are enterprise with professional skills in web, software, or even web software, you can uncouple your projects and subcontract us some components, features or complete applications developments. Thereby you'll can stay more focused on your enterprise specificities.

Cooperative partnership

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At Surikat PRO, instead of competitiveness fight, we believe in efficacity of cooperative partnership with our peers. Here the specific skills of each one are valued focusing in complementarity.
We don't currently hiring, but if you share our values and you want to join us as collaborators, we're open to new talents. Don't hesitate to send us a curriculum vitae, a cover letter, or achievements revealing your abilities. If your profile seem to fit our professional perspective, we'll contact you for a meeting.

Advantages of get connected to our network

If our customers needs match better to the services you offer or your skills is more relevant to a project, we'll can redirect them to you.
Instead of saying "I can't do that", or trying to do it with bad results, just to proof you are competent, you'll can redirect customers to us and maybe we, or other developers in our network, can find appropriate solutions.
If we have a very good impression on fluidity of communication between us, we'll can work together in collaborative way according to opportunities.
For example, if a project require complementary skills that fit yours and ours or a project require same areas of expertise but it's just too big for only one developer. Or maybe you like work in team and you want to improve your knowledge on a language or technology taking benefit from the experience of more advanced developer or share with us your expertise on a language or technology that you master very well.

You are a clever developer with ethics, determination and a little spark of madness, we are waiting for you, join the network !


Our main server-side dynamique language is PHP5 running on apache2 servers or equivalents (Lighttpd, LiteSpeed). We work with most populars open-source relational databases: MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL, SQLite. Our ORM (DataMap) is also open to NoSQL implementations. We use an HTML5 markup based template engine named Templix.
Client side, we master the web languages: HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3. In JavaScript, we work with jQuery and jQuery-UI, but we wrap our workflow with an AMD framework, dependencies manager and lazy-loader tool named js. For CSS preprocessing, we work with enhanced SASS PHP portage named Stylize.
We designed our full stack framework named RedCat. It's a group of decoupled components workings together to make a complete web development solution.
Off course, we don't master all technologies and languages, but we are talented in what we do.